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long time experiences in legal, compliance and risk management at companies.

~Example of practice areas (Individual)~
Labor matters Wage, Overtime, Unfair dismissal, Power abuse, Sexual harassment, Industrial accident etc.)

Consumer protection (Cancellation of contract, Request for refund etc.)

Traffic accident (Settlement negotiations, Claims of insurance etc.)

Real estate (Sale & purchase, neighborhood relations etc.)

Architecture (Defects of house, Reform etc.)

Inheritance(Will, Division of inherited property, Family trust etc.)

Family (Divorce, Parental right, Guardian, DV, Affairs etc.)

Defamation on the internet (Reputation damage, Demand for Disclosure of Identification Information )

Debt (Workout, Bankruptcy, Civil rehabilitation etc.)

Credit (Collection etc.)

Foreigners (Certificate of eligibility, Special permission to stay, The Hague convention etc.)
~Example of practice areas (Corporate)~
General compliance (Internal control preparedness, Internal rules set-up etc.)

Internal control enhancement of insurance agencies

Support for incorporation

Support for new business in Japan or overseas

Support for IPO

Corporate action (M&A, Business transfer etc.)

Intellectual properties

Credit collection

Bankruptcy, Corporate reorganization

Cross-border transactions

Contract drafting

License from government




Katsuhiro Iwayama, Attorney at Law

Katsuko Iwayama Tokyo Corporate Law Insurance Industry IT Industry Lawyer Compliance

Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association

​Registration Number: 56770

Born in June 1973

Origin: Yokohama

Education: KEIO Gijuku University

                           TOIN Law School

(Past job history)

Yasuda (Current: Meiji-yasuda) Mutual Life Insurance​

NN Life Insurance

FWD (Current: FWD)Fuji Insurance

Executive Officer at Rakuten Insurance Holdings

Director (Part-time) at Rakuten Insurance Planning

​Head of Legal & Compliance at Creationline, Inc.​


​Head of Legal at Hitachi Energy Japan

​Language: Japanese, English and Thai (Conversational)

​A member of Human Rights Committee (Section 7 ) at Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association


I worked for companies, mainly insurance companies after graduating from university. While working at a company, Also, I studied and passed bar exam while I was working at company.

At the companies, I was in charge of legal, compliance, risk management etc. and made an effort for enhancing internal control preparedness, also I have an experience to set up internal control preparedness from scratch. Recently, I worked as executive officer at a insurance holding company and was in charge of legal & compliance management of subsidiaries. Based on these experiences, I can provide practical advice to insurance agents for strengthen internal control.

Then, I gained experience in the IT industry at a system development company. I can provide accurate advice on various contract-related issues in the IT industry. 

Currently, while practicing as an attorney, I also work for a company in the power grid business field and I am constantly striving to gain new knowledge and experience.   

On the other hand, I have widely accepted individual matters such as family, labor, real estate, debt etc.  I will take properly by cooperating with partner lawyer in case, so please feel free to contact. 

​Furthermore, I have also accepted consultation with non-Japanese speakers in English. So, please feel free to contact as well.


Office is located at Higashi Kanda, Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo (Bakurocho or Bakuro Yokoyama is the nearest station), but on-line meeting is available nation-wide.



Katsuko Iwayama Tokyo Corporate Law Insurance Industry IT Industry Lawyer Compliance

 In detail, we will propose specifically after interviewing details and based on ex-fee criteria (See below) issued by Japan Bar Association. 

   If you are concerning about retainer fee, we may arrange flexibly such as  zero retainer fee plan (Incentive fee system). Contact us anyway. 



Please be informed that NO preview function prior to submission

Thank you for inquiry.


~Office Information~

PRIME OFFICE307, 1-2-2 Higashi-Kanda Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo



Katsuko Iwayama Tokyo Corporate Law Insurance Industry IT Industry Lawyer Compliance
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