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<Insurance business legal /compliance>

~For insurance companies and insurance agents: lawyer with a plenty of experience working in the insurance industry~

I have been in the insurance industry for about 25 years, both before and after becoming a lawyer, particularly in the legal and compliance fields. In the legal field, I have dealt with not only the Insurance Law and Insurance Business Law, but also the Enforcement Order, Enforcement Regulations, and Supervisory Guidelines of the Insurance Business Law. In addition, I have handled various other matters such as compliance with various laws and regulations including the Personal Information Protection Law and the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, anti-money laundering (AML) measures, etc. In the area of compliance, I have had hands-on experience in internal control matters such as internal training, development and management of compliance programs, investigation of misconduct cases and other irregularities (especially in insurance solicitation), and examination and management of agency registration. I have also been deeply involved from a legal and compliance perspective in handling applications for insurance business licenses, business acquisitions, JVs, and other new business matters, as well as dealing with FSA.


In addition to these, I have experience not only in core areas such as legal and compliance, but also in risk management (compliance is one part of risk management), asset management, and asset valuation, and I am confident that I have knowledge of overall operations in the insurance industry.


I can support your business not only as legal advisor, but also involved in the company's operations like one of the staff of your team staff and will contribute to the company's internal control enhancement.

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