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<Legal support for starting business in / with Thailand>

​ ~ We will support your expansion into Thailand and business development ~

Some of you may want to enter into a contract to start or expand business with a company in Thailand, set up a factory in Thailand, sell products, or open a base to expand existing business. It seems that there are various needs between Japan and Thailand.

Thailand has achieved remarkable economic development, and the nominal GDP in 2022 has nearly quadrupled compared to 2000, and many of you may have visited Thailand. I'm sure many of you have noticed that prices have increased significantly. Especially when it comes to shopping and eating in Bangkok, I think there are many people who feel that it is no different from, or even more expensive than in Japan. In fact, wages in Thailand are increasing year by year, so the image of Thailand as being "cheap" is no longer as it used to be, and Thailand is also beginning to experience a declining birthrate and aging population, so there are no future issues. Not.

Still, although this is just an average wage, some people may find it attractive to invest since it is still reasonable compared to Japan, but on the other hand, it is not proportional to GDP and wage growth. We suspect that some people are looking forward to the increase in purchasing power and the development of a more mature market.
Additionally, the number of Thai people visiting Japan has increased year by year, and it has become commonplace to see people speaking Thai on the streets. In addition, in 2019 before the coronavirus, the number reached approximately 1.3 million (Japan National Tourism Organization statistics, in 2003 it was around 80,000 people), and we can get a glimpse of Thailand becoming richer year by year. Masu.

At our office, we not only provide legal support when expanding into Thailand, but also provide various support within Thailand.ACC CONSULTING CO., LTD.We have a business partnership with the company.
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